Adventure by Risk but Trek for Fun- Enjoy Each Moment

Trekking being the most adventurous and soft adventure sport, almost anyone in reasonable physical condition can go for it. However, in order to get a perfect beginning of a trekking, initiate it with the day hikes while returning back to the point from where you began, in the evening.

It would be much better if you move towards a multi-day trek which is comparatively easy so as to come across your capability and aptitude as well. Enjoy yourself by following the below-listed tips:

  • Venture into the mountains
  • Take an experienced trekker with you
  • Join an adventure club
  • Go with a reputed adventure travel company

However, the prior beginning of a trekking, you must have all the fundamental knowledge and aspects of the camp craft, map reading including the first aid which is the most mandatory element to go for a trekking. Trekking becomes more adventurous if you experience it on the remote/high-altitude areas. The fun would be at the peak but the risk will somehow also be equivalent for which one needs to tackle with the great comprehension.

Recommendations to keep in mind:

It is important in fact, recommendable that before going to trek, one needs to have a plenty of knowledge and information about the area where you need to trek such as:

  • The People Living In That Particular Area
  • Their Culture
  • The Geography Of The Place
  • Terrain
  • Medical/Rescue Facilities
  • Weather Conditions

Initiation & Fame

However, a country like India has also become most famous and popular for trekking. The Indian Trekking has gain popularity since its existence in 1970’s and 80’s. In India, the trekking was inaugurated when the land was inhabited in prehistoric times. However, there are a large number of the places in India to trek as there are Indians.

mountain trek

Owing to such popularity, name, and fame, the trekking sooner has become the most famous recreational/adventure sport specifically for the youth and teenage. However, anyone can trek depending on their age group and physical aspects. Because, being the most recreational sport, a trekking always demands the health and physical fitness first.

With the fun, leisure and adventure associated with the trekking, it has grown by leaps and bounds. Moreover, with the passion found in the today’s youth and young generation, the current trekking scenario is very promising via which, a large number of the Indians and foreigners are broadly hitting the trekking trails each year.

The trekking places in India majorly boast of an availability of the most stunning Himalaya Trekking routes such as the mountain passes in the Ladakh and Zanskar Himalayas that are above 5000m. However, there is also a broader presence of a plenty of the gentler and smaller trails at varying altitudes specifically in the areas of the hills and forests. Some of the interesting places to trek are the following:

  • The Western Ghats and the Nilgiri Hills of South India
  • Munnar and Wayanad in Kerala
  • Coorg in Karnataka
  • Ooty in Tamil Nadu

Moreover, the seasonal trek often adds the four moon passion thus, May, June, September, and October are considered as the most appropriate seasons to trek and to have fun.

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