Has Littering taken up another Destination? Opening other Routes!

The beauty of nature mixed with the spark of your passion made a perfect duo when it came to Kheerganga trekking. At the height of 3000 ft above it seemed like the Parvati valley is whispering straight in your ear – of the beauty and the sparkle to embrace you for the best.

 While the mesmerizing beauty remains intact, the fortune of feeling it has stopped. While the Mountains still call to embrace it’s no more possible because Kheerganga trekking is officially stopped!

Did this just happen for the good?

While we take advantage of our opportunities, we forget its consequences. That’s exactly what happened in Kheerganga. With camping, eating, fun and everything else came a great deal of litter. The good news is, you can still witness the beauty of the meadow combined with the flashes of the valley with government permission- only if you promise not to litter.

It’s time to explore the next

Yes! We are sure to miss this trek always- the alongside cafes, the beauty in the weather, the scenario that seemed not less than soothing our hearts and the trek to add to our beautiful experience, we will miss it all. But hey! it’s just not the end, we still have the number of treks to opt we turn our roads a bit near Kheerganga Trekking. Do you want to know them? Let’s take a look.

  • The Beauty of Tosh

Tosh is a languid town in the Parvati Valley where nature prospers its best. Nearly 22 km from Kasol, the Kasol to Tosh trek can be taken up from Barshaini – an excellent village which is additionally a trekker most loved situated amidst Kasol and Tosh. The delightful surroundings of Tosh are superbly put in the lap of the valley with streams and rich knolls around. The perfect alternative to Kheerganga.

tosh trekking

  • The calm and beautiful Chalal

Associated by a restricted link connect from Kasol, Chalal is fairly a calm goal generally favored by nature darlings. At, 7800 feet above ocean level, this curious town tucked in the mountains close Kasol makes for one of the beautiful treks close to Kheerganga.

  • The ever Famous Kasol

Do we even need to describe the heaven on earth? The best of all trek in Himalaya and the most popular amongst the crowd is Kheerganga which is about 13kms from Kheerganga. Sorted your weekend already?

  • Rudranag Fall

The Rudranag Falls enroute Kheerganga. The trail slices through rough territory and exceedingly uneven pathways that make Rudranag a standout amongst the most difficult treks. The Rudranag Falls is sharp and soak and makes for the most captivating fascination close Kheerganga- try it out at the earliest.

Dear Trek lovers, let’s try out the most of mountains with our passion and dedication with one thing in mind- let’s not litter other beautiful destination of India or else the day is not so far when we will be left with nothing to explore(due to our own selfish motives).
Let’s enjoy the beauty of our nature( because not everyone is blessed with it) without really disturbing them.


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