Face Challenges, Take Risk But Enjoy With The Fullest…

Points to remember prior initiating a trek.

Voyagers anticipating trekking the Himalayas know it’s no stroll (leisure walk) in the woods. Still, regardless of the health and fitness behaviors, there is an availability of the people who are fond of trekking and climbing mountains. When anyone talks of the mountain climbing, the first mountain comes in the people’s mind is Himalaya. Prior to the beginning of trekking, a traveler always think that how hard and adventurous would it be? & a common answer comes from one own self that it totally depends. Each individual is extraordinary, and how you experience a challenge especially a trek to Everest Base Camp, most of the times it may vary accordingly and abreast with a dependency of below listed features:

  • How fit you are
  • Your age
  • How well you adjust to high altitude over 5,000 feet
  • Your personality
  • and it may sound silly but is a fact that how much is your ability to laugh?

This experience mainly include the interesting Off downs such as

  • Moderate-to-difficult
  • 10-day trek on the Annapurna Circuit
  • Jogging of miles
  • 5 days a week might be a mild cakewalk

and a pool of a varied number of the challenges but with the experience, learning, fun, joy, and laughter.


However, there are some Do’s and Don’ts which one definitely keep in mind prior to an initiation of a trek’s planning via which execution takes place after loads of talk.

The points to remember are mentioned below:

  1. Where Are You Going?
  2. Are You Healthy?
  3. How Are Fit You?
  4. How Strong Are You?
  5. What Types Of Exercise Are You Doing?
  6. How Do You Handle Altitude?

Is health important before going on trekking?

Definitely Yes…

It is always recommendable that you need to be appropriate as well as exceptionally realistic regarding your current level of fitness including that how much duration of time is you willing to train yourself with a commitment while choosing your Himalaya trekking trip. Fitness and to be healthy must be a part of your life on a casual basis but attention fully when it comes to think or plan of a trek health and fitness become an alarming primary motto to have and to execute with the same.

Get Activeness

Leave Laziness, Get Activeness…

This is so because, both the trekking and physical exertion would trail you while challenging your body in variegated unique ways. Furthermore, the altitudes somehow are also responsible for affecting the medical conditions which one may have or the medications which one take. Such forms of the trekking trips become adventurous for the active participation people.


It is much more important to be both mentally and physically fit so that there may be no presence of any hindrance and obstacles in a way of your trekking. Start planning to trek Himalayas and exposure the experience with the leaps and bounds to know and learn more.


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