Planning to Marry? Trekking With Him First

Well, marriage is the most celebrated and the closest of bond that the couple shares. If you are in love and all prepared to take your relationship to the net stage, first of all, congratulations and secondly- trek with him first. Confused? Well, let me give you some valid points as to why trekking is important when it comes to the decision of Marriage.

The Choices Matter

The first thing that trekking clears between the two is your choices. While you might like adventure and hiking, and on the other hand, he might be of calm personality who likes gazing starts under the Mountains

The Decision Maker

How quick is he in taking a decision- whether it’s about trekking the highest peak or choosing the right color of the curtains- how much can he support you in each decision of the life?

How supporting is he?

One thing that each girl expects out of his partner is support. Whether it’s his arm that he wraps around you on the chilliest Trek night or washing the dishes with you when the maid skips. Don’t you think it matters?

Couple on trekking

The X Factor

Trekking definitely brings out the x-factor in him- which you might not have noticed all this while. The way he plays around, interact with nature, dresses up for hiking or even the way he is around the fire camping- take notice of it and decide accordingly.

The Compatibility Level

While in the busy schedule of City life where you spend days working on your project and spend nights together, you don’t really understand the compatibility you share. Up there on the hills, where there is nobody but just you too- that’s when you really understand the compatibility factor.

Best Treks in India

Now when you know trekking really matters, let disclose some of the best treks in India that you can take up to experience the best time of your life with him

  • The Great Kashmir Trek
  • Har ki dun Trek
  • Kheerganga Trek
  • Spiti Valley Trek
  • Valley of Flowers Trek
  • Stok Kangri Trek
  • Bali Pass Trek
  • Nag Tiba Trek
  • Bhrigu lake trekking and many more.

So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags, get ready and take on the most adventurous trip of your life- because marriage is no less than an adventure in your life, think nicely, act wisely- and for sure trek with him first!

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