Is Trekking a mode of Entertainment or a Threat to Nature?

Why Are Plastic Bottles affecting the nature especially when it comes to the hills?

A plenty of the people who come to trek on the hills belong to different plains and landslides. It’s natural that city’s people definitely carry the ‘n’ number of the products with them which comprise of an equal importance in one own self.

On the contrary, when it comes to the eatables and beverages, the water bottles and waste wrappers are counted on the peak which is destroying the nature.

While going on the hills, you even don’t have any idea that an easy throwing of the waste products especially the plastic bottles is threatening the valleys, hills, and environment of the concerned place too. A plastic bottle comprising a water or soft drink is obviously considered as the waste after we consume it.

Matter of concern:

You even don’t wonder that, why all such stuff is considered as the waste? Its human behavior that the people tending to dispose of such eatables and water bottles may not be of any use at any point in time. Therefore, such water bottles after the water are fully drunk and no drop is left has obviously lost its core use and so is termed as useless.

Get alert…

  • You even don’t have any idea that your easy disposing of such products
  • May don’t cause you any personal harm to you
  • It may don’t make any noise
  • It may seem that nothing has happened at that instant moment

But the drastic reality is that it is causing the major or say the most adverse effects both on the environment and to you too. Such waste needs to be controlled by your own major precautions which have also become mandatory to take.

Plastic Bottles affecting the nature

However, we Indians have termed as JUGAADU in different forms and aspects and in our routine life. So, this term must also be implemented in the non-recyclable management of the plastic products. In an easy term, I would like to say that, such plastic bottles must be used in other activities of its concerned use instead of throwing it on the hills or valleys.

We must know that almost all the resources on the hills are limited as well as restricted to an extent. So, while going on trekking, you must be careful enough that what are you throwing or disposing of off especially when it comes to an absence of the dustbins.

We Indians are in a trap of very vulnerable and poor habit of throwing waste out of the dustbins in its presence too. Keep such concern in your mind that when dustbin is meant for such a waste collecting purpose only then, what a need to throw the garbage on hills or here and there. It’s a matter of alarming concern that we must take care of all such concerns because forcefully throwing such on the treks most of the times have proven not to be segregated, reused, recycled or upcycled.


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