Get Excited to Plan a Trekking Trip with Perfect Execution Tips

What comes in your mind when you hear the term trekking?

According to me, it’s a word full of adventure, thrill, a fun and the moments to cherish forever. The words are completely true but with trek comes N number of responsibilities that follows- and you need to be completely ready for the same.

Confused? Read this blog to see the essentials of Trekking- you must follow.

  • Don’t pack Much!

trekking trip tips


You are going there to trek- which is full of efforts and strength. Such trips aren’t meant for heavy packing and goods carrying. Instead, pack the least you can (the survival essential) and leave out the rest.

  • Your friends> their friends

Trip with the best ones can make not only the trip memorable but even after years, the trip will linger in your mind. On the other hand, if you decide to do the same with acquaintances- you are sure to spoil the fun which you could have otherwise felt. ( Trips are meant to be with the close ones and when it comes to trekking- you are left with no option)

  • Denims are a big NO!

You might feel, denims are otherwise comfortable (especially when you are forced to wear formals in the office) but when it comes to trekking- you need to completely forget about denims or you might just regret the whole time for packing this in your backpack

  • Save your energy, eat before you go

save energy at trekking


Trekking might sound fun but mind you- it’s not at all easy. Especially if you are a first-timer, you need to have enough food before you leave. The strength Required isn’t easily available so be prepared with enough nutritional food. (Marijuana Isn’t counted as a nutritional element- just saying)

  • Weather- The major factor!

Major factor of Trekking


You need to be very clear about the weather condition of the trekking location. Start it the week prior- be updated with the weather forecast. This is important because up there on hills- it isn’t plains which makes things go extra sensitive. Even a slight difference in the weather condition affects the whole trekking experience. So better be careful.


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