Special Things To Trek While Going On Har Ki Dun Trekking

Though unfortunately for the beginners – the trek is not meant for, as it needs some trekking experience. However, it can be a delight for the beginners because there are a lot of challenges abreast with the leaps and bounds which a beginner may try at his own. It delivers an appropriate amount of the glimpse inside the treks of the highest altitudes which definitely requires a pool of the preparations including the health and fitness as well.

To calm your eyes, to give relaxation to the mind including the invigoration of the soul – a perfect amalgamation. The place does all such factors collectively via:

  • The Gradual Ascents
  • The Innumerable Waterfalls
  • Streams
  • Willows & Woods

However, hardly anyone of us might have known that the place also comprises of some mythological importance as well which also makes a place reckoned and preferable as well amid people and trekkers.

Thusly, after such briefings, just enlighten some of the below-listed facts which would make you more aware about the specialties of the Har Ki Dun Trekking.

  • Saankri & Oslaa cozy homestay:

The hotels and houses here are well constructed and furnished which will never give you a feel of the home away from home. Amazing hospitality with some special cuisines called ‘Mandua’.

  • Usage of Satellite phone again at Osla:

It’s very rare that the hills where there is no network, you can easily use the satellite phone with the stronger networks and signals as well. Moreover, in such a remote area where there is no medical shop and phone signals or electricity, the special specialty of using a satellite phone is present here.

  • Har Ki Dun Rock Climbing:

The terrain of a place comprises of big giant boulders where a trekker can himself conduct a rock climbing if he or she is passionate about doing so. This activity automatically leads a trekker to the adventurous experience.

Har Ki Dun Rock Climbing

  • Har Ki Dun Valley Of Flowers:

The valley of flowers at the Har Ki Dun Valley gives just a provoking  WOW reaction. The place surprises you with an incredible as well as unconditional beauty.

  • Guest Houses or Rest Houses:

After the trekking experience, obviously, a person requires a rest and a healthy sleep for some hours. Therefore, when it comes to the guest houses of the place, it would surely assist you with a peaceful and relaxing sleep in an awesome changing weather of all the times. Never mind because the place is filled with an utter delightful beauty to see with the sightseeing as well where sunrise and sunset also adds a four moon passion for an overall experience to share and recommend with.

  • Rice Fields:

Though you will find many fields when it comes to the rice fields, it is completely unique and different. Firstly the field’s view is something which is completely unexpected. Though the place has barren land and a lack of fields still the availability of the field at the Osla village is something very unique and different.


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