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Rupin Pass Trek
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Overview Of Rupin Pass

Beginning from Dhaula, which is a 10-hour drive from the city Dehradun in Uttrakhand, the Rupin Pass Trek is one of the most beautiful treks in India. The trek closes at Sangla which is in Himachal Pradesh. To the extent the level of difficulty is pretty high; this trek has numerous obstacles and untouched nature along its way. The way is situated at a height of 15,250 ft (4,650M) above ocean level which is very steep in itself. During the trek, you will discover numerous beautiful glaciers, raw nature, and green meadows too.
Rupin Pass Trekking attracts many trekkers. Though this trek might become a little difficult for beginners yet if you have the grid nothing will ever stop you. On this trek, you will witness a drastic variation in the vegetation of the area. You will start with temperate vegetation and as soon as you cross the snow line the whole scenario changes to Alpine vegetation.
Rupin Pass Trekking Cost is pretty cheap and completely compensates for the experience that you will get. Rupin Trek is once in a lifetime must go if you want to experience a classic trek. Rupin Pass Trekking Package includes everything that trekkers will require on the trek and provides with safety equipment to maintain the safety of the trekkers.

Rupin Pass Trek
  • Region :Uttarakhand-Himachal Pradesh
  • DIFFICULTY :Moderate-Difficult
  • HIGHEST ALTITUDE :15250 feet
  • AVERAGE TEMPERATURE :18 degree celsius to -2 degree celsius

Your Package Includes

  • All meals from Day 1 dinner to Day 8 lunch (includes 4 meals/day plus Hot chocolates, Green tea, fruits)
  • Trekking euipments(Gaitors, Crampons, Tents, Sleeping bag with Liner, Mattresses, Ice Axe, Kitchen tent , Dining Tent)
  • Safety Equipments with First Aid Kit and Oxygen Cylinder.
  • Trekking permits and forest camping charges.
  • Services of experienced trek guide with 14+ years of experience and services of experienced Cook, Helpers, Porters/Mules.

Trek Per Person

Rs. 12999/-

(Dhaula to Sangla) +5%GST

Why Travel Banjare

  • We believe in the concept of small batches with proper safety equipments.
  • We have a team of certified, qualified and experienced team of trek leader and guides.
  • We provide Service of experienced Cook, Helpers, Porters/Mules.
  • We are equipped with best quality equipment with certified first aid support and emergency evacuation plan.
  • We believe in the concept of Green trail by disposing all our trash in our campsites so that we literally leave no trace on our campsites.
  • Our aim is to improve the welfare of local people.
Short Itinerary

Day 1 : Report at Dhaula (5,100 ft)

Day 2 : Trek from Dhaula Villge to to Sewa (7 kms, 6 hrs, 6350 ft)

Day 3 : Trek from Sewa to Jhaka (9 kms, 8 hrs, 8500ft)

Day 4 : Trek from Jhaka to Saruwas Thatch (6 kms, 5 hrs, 11000ft)

Day 5 : Trek from Saruwas Thatch to Dhanderas Thatch (Lower waterfall) (5 kms, 4 hrs, 11700ft)

Day 6 :Trek from Dhanderas Thatch to Upper Waterfall Campsite (3 hours Steep Trek, 13300 ft)

Day 7 : Trek from Upper Waterfall to Ronti Gad via Rupin Pass (10 km, 11 hrs, 15250 ft)

Day 8 :Trek from Ronti Gad to Sangla and drive to Shimla (12 kms, 6 hrs, 9000 ft).

Available Dates

06 May to 13 May 18(Full)

14 May to 21 May 18(Open)

27 May to 03 Jun 18(Open)


03 Jun to 10 Jun 18(Open)

10 Jun to 17 Jun 18(Open)

17 Jun to 14 Jun 18(Open)

22 Jun to 29 Jun 18(Open)

30 Jun to 07 Jun 18(Open)


Day 1: Report in Dhaula (5,100 ft).

Dhaula is a jeepable way from Naitwar. You can get shared Jeeps 30Rs rushing to Dhaula early in the day from Naitwar. You can likewise book a Jeep to take you there for around 300 - 400 Rs. The drive is excellent with the street on the right bank of the beautiful Rupin stream. The Dhaula town and the trail is situated after a bridge (close which the Jeep will drop you off). There is a café at Dhaula which likewise to serve Maggi. Furthermore, you can get a few more restaurants and other arrangements at the little store beside the coffee shop there.


Day 2: Trek from Dhaula Village to Sewa (7 kms, 6 hrs, 6350 ft)

From Dhaula you take a dusty path (being cut towards Sewa) for a couple of kilometers until the point that it finishes and you run over an unforgettable trail winding along the slope over the flowing Rupin streams on a wide river bed beneath. After around 6 km, you'll see the trail turn left and ascend towards a bunch of houses. The Rupin stream leaves the wide valley and surges out from the thin chasm to one side with a rough way. At the highest point of the climb the trail levels out and comes the mountainside where you find the Sewa town. It will take a couple more kilometers for the Sewa sanctuary. Rest by the open fields around the sanctuary and the shop alongside it.


Day 3: Trek from Sewa to Jhaka (9 kms, 8 hrs, 8500ft)

Jhaka is the last stop to renew your stuff. For the following couple of days of your trek, you'll experience, that rarely you will find shepherds keeping an eye on their herds. This is the manner by which it is until the point that you achieve Sangla. The all around characterized trail climbs past the play area, going through fields of the upper Jakha town before entering a fir woodland.The blue pines,couple of hundreds year old, take you through flawless and untouched environment.


Day 4: Trek from Jhaka to Saruwas Thatch (6 kms, 5 hrs, 11000ft)

This is the place the energy begins. From Jhaka you stroll along an even trail out of the town for two or three kilometers till you achieve a thick pine forest. Now you'll have to cross the snow extension to get on to the next bank. Once on the opposite side, you'll simply need to trek along the stream. After a couple of kilometers you'll go over a beautiful land called Buras Kandi. You will an open fields with the Rupin spouting out of a crevasse and after that spreading out on to a wide river bed, making little islands all over with Birch trees growing in them. This area is called Saruwas Thach and you'll discover some place to camp here.


Day 5: Trek from Saruwas Thatch to Dhanderas Thatch (Lower waterfall) (5 kms, 4 hrs, 11700ft).

This is a short yet interesting stretch with a few snow extensions to navigate. Its a peaceful spot, perfect for outdoors not standing the way that the fields of Dhanderas Thach that are simply a kilometer away. To achieve Dhanderas Thach, you'll have to stroll along the stream, navigate another snow extension and trek up the grassy slopes.


Day 6: Trek from Dhanderas Thatch to Upper Waterfall Campsite (3 hours Steep Trek, 13300 ft)

From Dhanderas Thatch the height pick up for the Rupin pass crossing is right around 2,500 ft. It is significant and it is relatively sure that numerous will experience the ill effects of elevation infection. Dissimilar to most days, begin your day at relaxation. After breakfast, get ready for the move to the highest point of the waterfall. Enjoy the view and the prize for so much effort.


Day 7: Trek from Upper Waterfall to Ronti Gad via Rupin Pass (10 km, 11 hrs, 15250 ft)

Move to the pass after a sharp plunge. This is the longest day of your trek and the most tiresome – and maybe the most energizing as well. Begin your day even before sun’s up. Ensure you are out of the camp by 5:00 am. Have breakfast with you. You'll require the jolt of energy for your short stop at the highest point of the pass.


Day 8: Trek from Ronti Gad to Sangla and drive to Shimla (12 kms, 6 hrs, 9000 ft).

From Ronti Gad you'll have numerous trails going to Sangla. Take any of them, however don't take any trails driving down to the stream. Sooner or later of strolling along the meads with the Kinner Kailash will be out of sight you'll see the little village of Sangla Kanda with its lake gleaming. Leave the main trail and join the little ones going down straightforwardly to the Sangla Kanda lake. The trail to Sangla begins from close to the Sangla Kanda lake.After that you will be driven to Shimla.





As we gain higher altitude, the air becomes thinner. To overcome this we need to develop our aerobic fitness. The more fitter you are, you will enjoy more during the trek.


Difficulty- Moderate.

1: For cardiovascular endurance, begin jogging atleast 1 month before the trek.

2: For strength do squats, push ups.

Fitness Bechmark: Jog/Run for 4-5 Kms in 30 mins. Remember always start your training program with stretching and warm up exercises.


Things to carry durring trek

Things to carry durring trek


Basic necessities:

  • Trekking shoes(preferably high ankle).
  • Rucksack(40-60 litres).
  • Rain cover.
  • 2 water bottles.
  • Torch with spare batteries.
  • A trekking pole.
  • Glucose, Chocolates, biscuits and nuts
  • Original ID card.
  • Personal medical kit(if required).
  • UV Protection Sunglasses.


  • Poncho, Rain Coat
  • 2 Pairs of Quick Dry Tees and Track Pants
  • 3 Pair of Socks
  • 2 pairs of woolen socks
  • 2 Full Sleeve Fleece Jacket
  • One down feather Jacket
  • Gloves
  • Sun cap, one scarf,one baracalava.
  • Light towel.


  • Floaters or Sandals
  • Lip Balm
  • Cold Cream & Sun Screen (SPF 40+)
  • Personal Toilet Kit and toilet paper.

How To Reach ??

The base camp of Rupin pass trek is Dhaula. The distance between Dhaula to Dehradun is 190kms. There are public buses and shared jeeps running between Dehradun and Dhaula. Dehradun is easily accessible through road, rail, and air transport.


By Road:

Dehradun is well connected with comfortable Volvo buses run by government and private operators. You can catch luxury and normal buses to Dehradun which are available from ISBT Kashmiri Gate and Anand Vihar.


By Rail:

Nearest railway station to Dhaula is Dehradun. Dehradun is well connected by railway network with major destinations of India. There are many trains which runs between New Delhi and Dehradun. Some of them are DEHRADUN SHTBDI, DEHRADUN EXPRESS, NANDA DEVI EXPRESS, UJJAINI EXPRESS, MUSSOORIE EXPRESS, UTTARANCHAL EXPRESS.


By Flight:

The nearest airport to Dhaula is Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun.


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